We are all intuitive beings who are much more powerful than what we have been led to believe. Learning to develop your intuition and trust yourself is truly life-changing. And as we move into these transformational times on our planet, developing your intuitive guidance has never been more important. 

Experience how we are all a part of and connected to the cosmos, where information is accessible beyond our human understanding. Learn to connect with your Higher Self (the part of you that never dies) and tap into the cosmos to access information that will help you to guide your life much more effectively than analytical thinking alone. 

Our experiential design teaches you a variety of intuitive approaches that allows you to explore which techniques work best for you and form a solid foundation for further expanding your energetic healing abilities. 

Connect to your 
inner guidance

Continue to understand how to intuitively answer questions “on demand” for those who ask.

Mastering Answering Questions

Practice answering questions for your classmates so you feel comfortable answering questions “on-demand.”

Answering Questions On-Demand

Learn how to read the energy of objects which can help you understand how this energy affects your environment.


Learn how to intuitively receive information by reading energetic fields–people, environments.

Receiving & Interpreting Impressions

Learn how to tap into your Higher Self and answer “yes” and “no” questions by understanding your style of intuition.

Connecting with Your Higher Self 

•  Discover your intuitive style and learn how to trust your inner guidance.

•  Strengthen your intuitive abilities by connecting to your Higher Self.

•  Use your intuition to guide your decisions and feel more confident.

•  Answer questions and reading someone’s energy field “on demand.”

In this series of five classes, you will learn how to connect to your intuitive abilities and listen to the insights provided by your Higher Self and guides. Discover how you access information–see, feel, hear, or know–and learn to trust your inner guidance. 

Each class is designed to open and expand your intuition as you experience different techniques. Build a strong and ethical foundation for using intuitive skills for their highest good. You’ll learn different practices you can apply between classes to keep developing your skills. 

develop your intuition I

Saturday, April 15, 2023
9:00am - 1:00pm

Wednesdays — April 19th, 26th, & May 3rd
6:00-8:00 pm

Online via Zoom
In-person at Beyond Chiropractic

Price: $375 
Materials: $25 for the manual 

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Class materials to be sent upon registration

Answering questions “on demand” is an important skill so we will continue to practice mastering this skill.


Learn how to read the chakra system and see what messages they have for someone/self.

Reading the Chakra System

Learn how to call in the Higher Self of someone, who is not in the room with you, so you can give them the answers they need.

Connecting with People Long Distance

Learn how to contact and communicate with deceased loved ones.

Communicate with
Deceased Loved Ones

Learn how to pinpoint past lives and read how they affect your current life.
You will also identify whether they have crossed over and, if not, help them do so.

Past Lives

Learn how to pinpoint and read simultaneous lifetimes and how they affect your current lifetime. 


Learn how to find the answer to someone’s question within their chakra system.

Mastering the Chakra System

Each class is designed to open and expand your intuition as you experience different techniques. We will explore a range of different techniques that you can continue to practice between classes to keep developing your skills.

NOTE: Prerequisite to register
Intuitive Development I – Develop Your Intuition 

•  Read the chakras to understand which issues need to be transformed and which gifts can be integrated.

•  Read the energy field and answer questions for someone who is not in the room with you.

•  Communicate with those who have passed on and cross them over, if needed.

•  Identify past and simultaneous lifetimes and learn how to work with them.

•  Look to the chakras to find answers for yourself or a client.

In this series of seven classes, you will learn advanced intuitive skills that prepare you for working with yourself, family and friends, and clients in a very sophisticated way. These skills will be used throughout all of the energetic practitioner training workshops. This workshop is an important stepping stone.

deEPENING your intuition


Saturday — May 13
9:00 am to 1:00 pm 

— Wednesdays —
May 17 | May 24 | May 31 | June 7 | June 14
6:00 to 8:00 pm 

Price: $475 + $25 for the manual

Online via Zoom
In-person at Beyond Chiropractic 

Upcoming Classes

Class materials to be sent upon registration