Disconnection from the Collective Shadow
& Cellular Activation

We are all connected and affect one another on an energetic level through the collective consciousness – a unifying energy field that surrounds all of us. The Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCS) and Cellular Activation course teaches you how to disengage from the heavier issues, patterns, limiting-beliefs and problems that affect humanity through the collective consciousness. 

This 2-day workshop connects you to your soul's purpose by activating your highest perspectives and potential, so that you can manifest your most expanded expression of self! Experience how much lighter and happier you can feel as you raise your vibration. Join us for a two-day course where you’ll learn and experience Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCS) and Cellular Activation. 

Prerequisites to register: Intuitive Development I & II, and Creating Sacred Space

Elevate & Expand Your Energy

•  Easier to focus with crisp and clear energy in your space.

•  A sense of well-being and happiness as negative emotions are perpetually transformed.

•  Qualities you’d like in your home can be placed within the grid to help you attain them.

•  Our multidimensional nature and vibratory states

• Moving from polarity to oneness

• Our energy fields and chakras

• Personal energetic upgrades

• Three-part heart release that disconnects us from the collective shadow

What we will focus on:

This multi-step process that helps you feel lighter by energetically unweaving you from the heavier issues, patterns and limitations connected to the collective consciousness. This is important since we are all interconnected and all affect one another.

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow

Day 1

•  Three phase Cellular Activation Process

•  Phase 1 - Restructure our Etheric Body so that our physical bodies can hold more light and a higher vibration

•  Phase 2 - Restructure our Auric Grid so that we are able to attract from our Higher Selves

•  Phase 3 - Bring in & energetically align with the higher dimensional Master Energies, so that we can hold those energies mentally, emotionally & physically

•  Rewire our chakra system

What we will focus on:

This three phase process supports your ability to let go of the past on a deeper level, align more with your life purpose, and attract optimal outcomes and experiences. It’s also designed to connect you to the higher dimensional energies, so you can raise your vibration and embody more of your own self-mastery.

Cellular Activation

Day 2


Dates:  May 13 and 14, 2022 

Friday 2:30 - 6:30 PM and
Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT

Online via Zoom
In-person – Oakdale, MN

Price: $450
Materials: $100 for the manual

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