This workshop teaches you two simple clearing tools that can turn a sad, tired, and negative environment into a sacred space. The Star of David, a sacred symbol from the Jewish tradition (and ancient Egypt) can be used for transforming spaces into the sacred. 

This symbol is known for bringing heaven on earth. The traditional Star of David clearing grid using stones will be taught, along with a new Star of David grid called, “The Encrypted Star of David.” These two systems act as an automatic clearing process once set up. 

There are many benefits to learning and implementing this system in your home and workspace–and you can also use these techniques for your client homes and work spaces.

Intentionally Create Clear Living & Work Spaces 

•  Easier to focus with crisp and clear energy in your space.

•  A sense of well-being and happiness as negative emotions are perpetually transformed.

•  Qualities you’d like in your home can be placed within the grid to help you attain them.

Learn the traditional Star of David that is installed using pebble sized stones. This perpetual clearing system uses a picture of your home or workplace. This picture is used as a witness, within the space, to clear the entire home or workplace.

Star of David—Crystal Grid

Star of David
Crystal Grid

Learn to create an “Encrypted Star of David” perpetual clearing system. This system is placed under your home or workplace to bring in transformational energies to your space and the earth.

Star of David—Energetic Grid

Star of David
Energetic Grid

You will learn two important Star of David perpetual clearing systems.
One is the traditional version and the other an updated version. 

Creating sacred space

Coming January 2023 Date to be determined

Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Online via Zoom
In-person – Oakdale, MN

Price: $175 for the workshop 
Materials: $50 for the manual

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