Your current life has much more going on than what you can see with your physical eyes. You have many invisible undercurrents that affect how you’re feeling and experiencing your life. Learn transformational techniques that energetically neutralize any unhelpful undercurrents so you feel lighter and happier. These invisible undercurrents include issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors within your ancestry, past lives, simultaneous lifetimes and the collective. You will experience how we are all interconnected through the positive changes you see for yourself and your loved ones. 

We are all Divine Beings having a human experience! Learning these transformational energy healing techniques will help yourself and others feel this truth within. 

Prerequisites to register: Intuitive Development I & II, Creating Sacred Space, and Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation

This workshop will help you learn many energetic skills as you heal your current lifetime, your ancestry, other lifetimes and the collective.

Learn Transformative Energetic Healing Techniques

We will focus on:

•  Understanding the role of “lesson givers” and support systems in your life

•  Energetically healing your personal life

•  Energetically healing your ancestry

•  Resolving past lives

•  Transforming simultaneous/parallel lifetimes

•  Activating and accessing your Divine Self

You'll develop transformative skills including:

•  Pinpointing and crossing over lost souls who keep issues stuck within your current life, ancestry and other lifetimes.

•  Pinpointing and transforming lower realm energies locking in old patterns.

•  Removing cords and fragments connected to other people.

•  Pinpointing and removing any interferences to your happiness and well-being.

•  Pinpointing and working through issues, shown by your lesson givers, within your current life, the ancestral and other lifetimes.

We all have people in our life who are difficult for us. We may be difficult to them as well. These people can be termed “lesson givers” since they have been with us in many lifetimes and are here to help us learn and grow by working through adversity. By working through your ancestry and other lifetimes you’ve had with them, you can create resolution in your current lifetime.

Resolution w/Lesson Givers

Sometimes it may feel you are being energetically attacked by the way you are feeling. You may feel headaches, fogginess, bad moods and problems come on suddenly or at the same time everyday. You want to check these things out with a health practitioner but you may also want to work on this energetically since many times using special energetic techniques you can resolve feeling attacked. 

Peacefully Resolving Attacks

Simultaneous lifetimes are happening in other realms and dimensions at the same time as your current lifetime. You have many simultaneous lifetimes that are bleeding through to your current one affecting how you feel. Learn how to harmonize these lifetimes so you feel peaceful and resolved in your current lifetime.

Simultaneous Lifetimes

Past lives that are unresolved, directly influence how you feel in your current lifetime. Learn to pinpoint unresolved past lives that keep your issues and patterns stuck. Learn energetic tools to resolve them creating peace in your current lifetime.

Past Lives

You will learn a variety of techniques to transform your ancestry into full resolution and peace. This includes pinpointing stubborn patterns that keep things repeating for you and your ancestry such as addiction issues, trauma, depression and unhappiness.

Clearing Ancestral Issues

Every class provides a foundation of understanding combined with an experiential practice that allows you to gain experiential knowledge. You will learn the cosmic design of the Universe as it has been shown to Maureen Higgins by her guides. This model serves as a foundation for a series of protocols that allow you to connect more fully to your Higher Self and guides who will support you through this transformation process from the higher dimensions.

An experiential design helps you to connect to your abilities more fully.

Dates:  May 21 – July 20, 2022

Saturday 9 AM - 1 PM and
Wednesdays 5 PM - 8 PM CT

Online via Zoom
In-person – Oakdale, MN

Price: $825
Materials: $125 for the manual + 5 audio meditations at $8.99 each

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